1st Massage

First Massage?

If you have never had a therapeutic massage before you may have some questions, or feel some anxiety.  This is natural.  Most people who are unfamiliar with massage will benefit by reviewing the information provided here.  I’ll cover the massage process and answer some of the common questions that people have asked.  The explanations and comments here are Bodyworks procedures and may not be the same as those found in other establishments.


I do take walk-in clients but it is always much better to call and set up a specific date and time that you would like to come.  I am in the office generally from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday.  You may however set up an appointment in advance as early as 9:00 am and as late as 7:00 pm.  If you need to change or cancel an appointment I request that you do so at least 4 hours in advance of the appointment.  This is particularly important if your appointment is outside of my core business hours of 10-4.  If this is your first massage I recommend that you come about 10 minutes early because a “New Client Information” form needs to be completed.  Please try to be on time for your appointment.

New Client Information Form

When you arrive for your first appointment at the Bodyworks you will be asked to provide some information on a one-sided, short form.  The information will help me customize your massage, focusing on areas that are troublesome or that you most enjoy.  The form also contains some general health information that may alert me to a potential problem.  I will review your answers, ask questions where necessary and confirm what we will work on during your session.

General Pocedures

Before your session begins I will carefully explain the process and show you how you are positioned on the table, how your body is covered and how various parts of the body are worked.  I will go over the entire process and let you ask any questions you may have.  The important thing to note is that during your massage your personal areas will remain covered.  You have more exposure sunbathing at a public beach than you will have during your massage.  For women the sheet will cover up to your shoulders.  For men generally the sheet is up to your waist.  Some people feel more comfortable being completely undressed; others prefer to wear underwear/panties during the session.  If you are particularly modest you could wear gym shorts and a bra.  The other important thing to note is that you will be asked to tell me during the massage if you feel any discomfort or pain.  Every person has a different degree of tolerance.  Your massage should be pleasant and make you feel good.  Some people who get regular massages like very firm deep work.  Other people like very light relaxing work.  Until you have experienced a massage you will not really know what you prefer.  I will use a light to medium pressure the first time to find out your reaction during and after the session.  You will need to tell me what level of pressure you enjoy most.  Often your upper back may have areas where the muscles fibers have banded together to form what we commonly call “knots”.  By applying a little more firm pressure to these areas the knots can be relaxed.  If at any time you want me to ease up on the pressure just tell me.  If I am working on an area that you really enjoy, let me know and I can spend some extra time there.

Body Parts Worked and Sequence

Again as a reminder this is what I do during my massage sessions.  It is a general sequence.  Based on our pre-session discussion your session may or may not contain all the elements listed here.  You will be shown into the treatment room and left to get ready in private.  I will make sure you are ready and covered on the table by asking you through the door before I enter the room.  The first thing is that  a round cushion will be placed under you knees to make your low back more comfortable.   For a one-hour or longer session you will start lying on your back (face up).  Your massage will generally include:








            Legs (Front and Back)


            Back (Upper and Lower)

Scented oils are used on the body and lotions on the feet.  Hot packs are applied on the back prior to working it and  warm stones are used also.  A topical muscle gel may also be used at the end of the session to sooth sore muscles.  There is a bathroom available and a free bottle of spring water.   At the end of the session you will be left in private to get dressed.  When you are ready to leave we will briefly discuss how the session went and find out if you feel okay and that everything went to your liking. 

Massage is a very pleasant special way to do something for yourself.  I hope you will experience it at the Bodyworks.  I have many references.  See my Client Testimonials page for comments from clients.