What My Clients Say…. 

I have been called, “the greatest massage therapist in the country” but I have asked my mother to stop saying that ….. L.O.L  :=), but here is what  some of my clients actually have to say about their experiences at the Bodyworks:


Kristi Condon, Social Worker, Grief Counselor, Morris, IL

Ken is simply the best massage therapist I have ever had.  I’ve been a client for years and during this time I have also had many massages at other places when out of town.  The others do not compare to how I feel after a massage from Ken.  I initially started seeing him because I was doing long distance running and had such sore leg muscles.  I don’t exercise much anymore but I still try to schedule massages on a regular basis because whether I think I need one or not, I always feel better after having one.  His prices are really reasonable and he is very professional.  I highly recommend his services.

Kim Folland, Self-Employed, Morris, IL

I came to see Ken because I have TMJ.  Each time I had a massage from Ken my jaw started to feel better.  After five sessions, I could eat again without pain.  I can yawn and my jaw does not lock anymore.  He comes highly recommended from me!  Great job Ken!

Anne DeCasaro, White House Staff, Washington, DC

Ken knows just what to do to erase the stress and tension.  When I’m able to get back in town, I always make an appointment.

Stephanie White, Graphic Designer, Channahon, IL

Bodyworks is about great massage therapy being done in a relaxing, quiet, and no nonsense setting. It’s great. It’s about muscle care and relaxation. I sit at a desk all day with a mouse in my hand. I get pretty knotted up and suffer from a lot of tension headaches. Ken works out all the kinks in my neck which also drastically reduces the amount of tension headaches I get.  I was referred to Ken by another of his clients. We both wanted the same things in a massage therapy experience. We didn’t want a salon or spa that was too much of a social gathering and not enough relaxation and muscle care. She assured me that Bodyworks was that place.  I have recommended Ken to others and have brought in people for massages. They all claim that it’s the best massage they’ve ever had. Ken really knows what he’s doing. 

Nanette Tippett, Sleep Tech., Joliet, IL 

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for the wonderful massage on Saturday.  It was a great stress reliever!

Vickii Zelasko, Nanny, Morris, IL

Thanks Ken!  The massage was wonderful!  My hour session was too short!  I found your place of business to be very inviting and your hands are the best!  I haven’t stopped talking about your massage and have given out all 3 of your cards.  Thanks! 

Susan Dobbs, Juvenile Probation Officer, Grundy County, IL

I have had many massages from different massage therapists in the past.  Ever since I had a massage from Ken at Bodyworks, he is the only one for me.  You are taken care of from the minute you walk in the door.  He cares about his clients.  Getting a massage from Ken is like escaping reality to a wonderful place – relaxation!  I have been going to Ken for many years now, and every time I leave I feel like a new person.  Thanks Ken!

Bob Nicholas, Certified Personal Trainer / Triathlete, Morris, IL July 2008

I have been one of Ken’s extremely satisfied clients for 4 years now.  During that time I’ve successfully competed in several Ironman Triathlons and other physical challenges.  Decreased (sports-related) recovery times, resulting from Ken’s expert skills in the professional art of massage, have proven most invaluable regarding my racing performance.  Other therapeutic benefits, such as an overall sense of well-being, are also a plus.  The clean and tranquil ambiance of Bodyworks is only secondary to the best massage that a customer will experience.  I have enthusiastically recommended Bodyworks to other trainers, friends and family as well.  It gives me great pleasure to do so here. 

Sherri Poole, Flight Attendant, UA, Morris, IL

I have had massages from several different massage therapists.  Ken is one of the best massage therapists.  After I have a massage with Ken I leave his office completely relaxed.  It’s a wonderful feeling.

Donna Shaw, Executive Secretary for Argonne Labs, Morris, IL

Ken’s massages always help.  I have been to Ken for over five years to help with my back and shoulders.  I work on a computer all day and pain builds up in my shoulders from the job and stress.  After a massage session with Ken I feel so much better and relaxed.  It really helps and I highly recommend his services.

Pam Campbell, Teacher, Morris, IL

I have know Ken since 2003.  He is not only someone who assists with my pain but has become a friend.  After he assisted my mom with her pain I thought I would see if he could help me.  At one time I couldn’t stand on my feet for more than five minutes at a time without excruciating pain.  I couldn’t even make it through the grocery store.  It became hard to be a mom of a toddler and be a good teacher as well.  So after many doctors and testing, and physical therapy I chose to go on a 24 hour anti-inflammatory to relieve the constant pain.  The drug was a God send but I was useless without it, and I was not sure how long I could continue to be on it…hopefully not the rest of my life.  So after seeing Ken once a week for 16 weeks I was not only pain free but I was able to stop the medication completely.  Now I see him at least once every six weeks to keep up on the maintenance of my muscle issues and pain.  I would recommend him to anyone in need of pain relief or a session “just because they deserve it!”  Ken is knowledgeable, professional and maintains a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.  

Janette Carnaghi, Cosmetologist, Braidwood, IL

I was referred to Ken at Bodyworks by a friend at a time in my life when I was suffering from some very debilitating shoulder and neck pain.  I had tried everything over a course of two years to control the pain and maintain working as a hair stylist.  After numerous attempts with physicians, exercises, pain pills, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers, I was forced to take a leave of absence from my 14 year career.  I was devastated and completely hopeless for a recovery from this ongoing pain.  With nothing else to lose I tried a massage with Ken and a visit to a chiropractor.  To my surprise it was very therapeutic. The chiropractor immediately put me in physical therapy. So now i had these three educated and compassionate professionals taking care of my physical ailments. Ken was great at keeping the lines of communication open with both of them as they had ideas on specific muscles to be worked to increase mobility.  After having deep-tissue massage with Ken I was finally able to go back to the job I loved.  Unfortunately the shoulder didn’t hold out for more than a year before I was looking at surgery.  But during all the pre-op and post-op pain Ken and his expertise and technique was an integral part of my recovery.  I am happy to say I do my job almost completely pain free now.  I will be a lifetime client!

Cindy Mitchell, Housewife, Morris, IL

I have been seeing Ken for about 8 years.  I have chronic back pain.  At one time I saw him once a week and my back never felt better.  I continue to see him once a month and will do so for as long as I can.  He’s the best.

Kim Gonzlez, Manager, Morris, IL

Very relaxing and great prices.  It was nice to talk to you first.  It made me feel comfortable since this was my first massage.

Lindy Bailey, Nanny, Morris, IL

I think you did a great job and you were very professional.  I liked how you explained what you were going to do since this was my first experience having a massage.  I will let all my friends and family know what an outstanding job you do.

Linda Sauer, Business Owner, Dwight, IL

I tried two other massage therapists before one of our employees gave me Ken’s name and telephone number.  I have been a client of Ken’s since January 2007 benefiting immensely from massages at Bodyworks of Morris.  The atmosphere and decor in Ken’s studio is very relaxing and inviting.  Some massage therapists do not have a heated massage table nor do they have professionally laundered linens.

Ken’s skill in deep tissue massage is unrivaled.  I suffer from fibromyalgia triggered by Lyme disease and multiple co-infections so I have many Myofascial Trigger Points.  The bodywork I need is not just about relaxation; it’s about repair and rejuvenation.  I know when I see Ken that I am going to get REAL RELIEF.  Recently, I went to the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe, AZ with my daughter-in-law.  For $25 we signed up for a one hour massage conducted by a student.  We signed up for a second one hour followed by a third hour as both of us felt we had not had enough work done yet.  The students I had did nowhere near the work done by Ken in one hour.  They did no work on my head or face which Ken regularly does.

Because of the Lyme, I have a different ache or issue every time and each time I get a custom massage for my needs.  Most importantly, I feel better when I leave.  I cannot recommend him enough for people who need real body work.  My biggest regret is that I can’t come in every day.


Ed Harbeck, Ex-Mayor, Shorewood, IL 

When I travel I frequently have a massage.  I have had massages in many places of this country as well as abroad.  My best massages have been from Ken of Bodyworks.  Ken is highly skilled and professional in every aspect.  His facilities are clean and pleasant and he works in a private setting.  Ken has helped me with various back problems and I always leave relaxed, invigorated and with a sense of wellness.  I will continue to have regular massages with Ken of Bodyworks.


Megan Bourcher, Morris, IL

A massage by Ken at Bodyworks of Morris is a slice of heaven!  Ken is both professional and kind.  Want a wonderful treat!


Carolyn and Larry Sampson, Morris, IL

If Ken is in a session when you call him there’s always an answering machine that picks up your message and Ken is always fast to get back to you.  Ken goes the extra-mile to accommodate you – whether it be a last minute request for a massage, or particular needs during the massage.  This has been our experience time and time again, and is always appreciated.  Ken is exemplary in his professionalism.  He makes you feel very comfortable (even if you are a woman and unaccustomed to a male massage therapist).  Everything about Ken and his manner, his room and facilities gives you confidence that you are in professional hands.  As a professional massage therapist, Ken is extremely attentive, skilled and meticulous in the way he massages.  We have been impressed by his consistent high standard with each and every massage we have received from Ken.  Too, we like that Ken quietly goes about the massage concentrating on giving a great massage and not expecting you to talk during it – this is nice so that you can completely relax.  We never consider going anywhere else for a massage now that we have found Ken and we often buy gift certificates for family members because we have confidence we have in Ken and the sure delight our loved ones will enjoy!


Cindy Fahey, retired teacher, Morris, IL 

I first met Ken several years ago when I was about to go on a long plane trip.  I  awoke with my lower back in spasm.  I went to the phone book and found him listed under therapeutic massage.  Even though he hadn’t seen me before, he scheduled an appointment right away.  That massage enabled me to take my trip without back pain.  I appreciate the fact that he will arrange his schedule to see you when you’re in pain.  Over the past two years I have had problems with my shoulder and neck areas that have caused those muscles to be taut as a stretched rubber band.  Ken’s massages have relieved the tightness; made me feel relaxed and made me feel better.  He has the ability to find just the right pressure for relaxing that neck and shoulder tension.  Ken is friendly and very professional.  It has been my experience that his massages are an important part of taking care of yourself.


Marcie Funk, School Teacher/Librarian, Morris, IL 

Sessions with Ken at Bodyworks for the past five years have greatly helped manage my migraine headaches as well as neck and shoulder muscle tension.  Ken’s knowledge of human anatomy and his experience in massage therapy have greatly benefited my physical well being.


Robert Coleman, fire chief, Morris, IL

In 2001 I had a lot of trauma in my life.  After that experience I could not even stand up straight.  I was bent over and in pain.  A friend of mine suggested that I go to a person that does massages and works on muscles.  I took that advice and went to Ken’s Bodyworks at 316 Liberty St. in Morris, Illinois.  After four treatments I was myself again and able to function at 100%, I now try to go at least once per month to relieve the stress and be able to relax.  I would not have believed the great difference the treatments are for your everyday health and relaxation.  I suggest you give it a try!


Michele Briones, “Mom”/Licenese Clinical Social Worker, Morris, IL 

My massage at Bodyworks is my favorite.  I’ve received a 90 minute massage for Christmas the last 2 years.  Ken does a great job.  He’s very thorough and professional.  I highly recommend one.


Amanda Cerza, “Housewife”, Wilmington, IL

Everyone needs to take the time to nurture themselves every once in a while.  At Bodyworks, I get a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing massage in a warm, quiet, peaceful environment.  We all deserve to treat ourselves well!

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