86593-w225Hi, my name is Ken.  I am the owner and therapist of the Bodyworks.  The “Bodyworks of Morris.” was established in 1999 to serve the city of Morris and the surrounding towns in Grundy, Will and LaSalle counties.  The office is located at 316 Liberty Street, downtown Morris, right across from the Morris Bakery.  I’m in a quiet, rear section of the building away from street noise and other distractions. This ensures a quiet and peaceful environment for your session.  There is comfortable, warm, low-lighted treatment room, a spray-tan room, a private washroom, an office, a waiting room and a self-service gift certificate counter set up for your convenience at times when I am in a session with another client. 

Some other facts:

… Established in 1999 at the same location.

… Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist

… Professionally trained, completing 24 additional hours of education every two years.

… Honors Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Illinois.

… United States Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran.

… Past 9-year member of the American Massage Therapy Association, (AMTA).

… Sanitized Sheets professionally cleaned the same as hospitals.

… Free bottle of spring water to each client.

… Hot stones and hot packs used for no additional charge.

I have served thousands of different people in the area, many of whom are regular clients.  Chances are that one of your friends; neighbors, relatives or co-workers have been here.  I take pride in the quality of my work and receive many referrals from satisfied customers.  People from all walks of life come to see me at the Bodyworks: including moms, teachers, nurses, doctors, students, retirees, attorneys, athletes, managers, power plant staff, dancers, electricians, carpenters, firefighters, retirees, hair stylists, etc.  I even have clients from other states that come here while visiting friends and loved ones or who are on a temporary work assignment in the area.  The ages of my clients range from 9 years to 96!  All are welcome at the Bodyworks.

Over the years I have developed my own unique style blending such massage modalities as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Stretching, Sports, Myo-Skeletal, and Myo-Fascial.  My sessions are customized with special attention given to those areas which you find most enjoyable or those areas that are problematic.  I use a heated table, moist hot packs, hot stones, scented oils, creams on the feet, low lighting and pleasant audio.  I try to space my clients generally leaving 30 minutes between them so that there is never a “rush” atmosphere here.  I enjoy people and will do whatever I can to ensure that your session is pleasant and relaxing. 

I frequently work on couples, (or two people that come here together), by working on one of them, and then, the other in the next session.  I have a comfortable waiting room.  As an alternative the other person can sit right in the treatment room while I work on the other person.  Unfortunately, since I am the only therapist here, I cannot do two massages at the same time. 

I appreciate your consideration and hope to see you here.